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Abdul-Rahman / Zlatanova / Coors

Innovations in 3D Geo Information Systems

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2006. Buch. xx, 760 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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Three-dimensional (3D) geoinformation has been the subject within geoinformation (GIS) community and other related professionals since early 90's. Recently the subject is getting more attention when users de­ mand better information of the phenomena and of the surrounding objects. A lot of efforts and time have been invested for this kind of 3D geoinfor­ mation solution but operationally such system is still hardly available in mass market. For this reason the Department of Geoinformatics, Faculty of Geoin­ formation Science and Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia took the initiative to organize the first International Workshop on 3D Geoin­ formation held in South East Asia, held on 7-8 August, 2006, Kuala Lum­ pur, Malaysia. The workshop has covered fundamental aspects of 3D geoinformation as well as 3D data collection (LIDAR and other means), 3D spatial data modeling, 3D databases, 3D spatial analysis, 3D visualiza­ tion, and some applications in 3D geoinformation. This workshop has gathered researchers, system developers, practitio­ ners, and end users from 21 countries, coming from 5 different continents. They have the great opportunity to discuss new research development, ideas, theories, and possible applications in this very specialized but fast emerging field.


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