Variety-Induced Complexity in Mass Customization

Concepts and Management
2008. Buch. XXII, 314 S. Softcover
Erich Schmidt ISBN 978-3-503-11022-3
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Mass customization: a business strategy that aims to fulfill individual customer requirements at prices that are sufficiently low to target a mass market. The resulting variety in mass customization is not for free and can have negative impacts on operational performance.
In this book, Nizar Abdelkafi defines variety-induced complexity from the perspectives of the company, supply chain and customers. The author:
- develops a sequence model and a key metrics system for the management of internal complexity
- proposes a matrix-based tool that identifies the causes of complexity in mass customization supply chains
- conducts an explorative study at a Germany-based company
- identifies features, to use in online configuration systems to reduce the complexity that customers face during the product selection process.
This volume addresses practicing managers in the fields of mass customization and variety-rich production environments as well as students and researchers in the areas of business administration and engineering management.
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