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Silver Nanomaterials for Agri-Food Applications

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Buch. Softcover


600 S.

In englischer Sprache

William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-823528-7

Format (B x L): 19,1 x 23,5 cm

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Nanobiotechnology for Plant Protection


Silver Nanomaterials for Agri-Food Applications explores how silver-based nanomaterials are being used to create more efficient systems and products across the agri-food sector. In particular, the book covers silver nanomaterials as antimicrobial agents, in food science, for plant protection, for water purification. The book has been arranged in six parts in order to cover each application area in depth.

Part 1 highlights the effect of silver nanoantimicrobials and drug synergism on drug-resistant pathogens, silver nanoparticles as an antifungal agent, silver-based nanoantimicrobials, mechanisms, eco-safety, and future perspectives. Part 2 offers an overview of silver nanomaterials-based nanosensors in agri-food applications, silver-based nanomaterials for food packaging applications, emerging silver nanomaterials for smart food packaging in combating food-borne diseases, nanosilver disinfectant control in agriculture, and food processing. Part 3 explores the use of silver nanostructures in plant science applications, such as silver nanoparticles application in wood and wood based-panels. It also covers immobilization efficiency, and modulating abilities of silver nanoparticles on biochemical and nutritional parameters in plants. Part 4 is devoted to plant protection applications. This includes the use of silver nanomaterials in detection and mineralization of pesticides using silver nanoparticles. It also addresses pesticides degradation by silver-based nanomaterials, the applications of silver nanomaterials in agricultural pest control, and nematicidal activity of silver nanomaterials against plant-parasitic nematodes. Part 5 describes silver nanomaterial applications in the removal of dyes and pesticides from wastewater, comparing the biosorption of nanomaterials by combinations of protozoan and bacterial species in wastewater, silver-doped ternary, and metal ferrites for wastewater treatment and remediation. Part 6 summarizes applications of silver nanomaterials in veterinary applications, using silver nanoparticles as a new weapon in veterinary science, such as the application of silver nanoparticles in feed additives in livestock production, silver nanoparticles toxicity for poultry, in addition to the use of silver nanomaterials-based strategy for the control of zoonotic viral pathogens. 

This is an important reference source for all those seeking to improve their understanding of how silver-based nanomaterials are being used to improve processes and systems in the agri-food sector.

- Explores the applications of silver-based nanomaterials for plant protection, water treatment and in food science
- Outlines why silver-based nanomaterials have properties that make them beneficial for protection against infectious diseases
- Assesses the challenge of integrating silver-based nanomaterials into agricultural systems

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