Abbott / Zheng / Du

Collaboration, Learning and Innovation Across Outsourced Services Value Networks

Software Services Outsourcing in China
2014 2015. Buch. vi, 61 S.: 3 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-319-14420-7
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This book collects and reports on the results of a study conducted on the Chinese Software and Services Outsourcing (SSO) industry, focusing on one of its main players as a key case study. Two sets of research findings are presented: first, the knowledge management and communication processes inherent within a highly collaborative software development project between the case study company and one of its long-term UK clients are explored and distilled into specific practices; second, at the organizational level, the strategies used by the company to build and exploit capabilities and to dynamically configure resources to promote specific value positions along its outsourced services value networks are identified and discussed. The significance of these findings for similar China-based global high-tech firms and the value of this organizational form in moving closer to the goals of the 2020 enterprise vision are both discussed, along with the implications of the findings for EU/UK businesses operating in similar digital domains.



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Illustrates through case studies ways to achieve collaborative innovation between Western clients and foreign outsourcing service providers Provides descriptive, in-depth case studies on actual services outsourcing practices at a major Chinese software and services outsourcing provider Develops frameworks and provides guidelines to Western clients on strategic considerations when outsourcing to Chinese sourcing providers