Aaron / Verdier / Wedderburn of Charlton / Ramm / Sigeman / Bar-Niv

International Labour Law Reports, Volume 17

1998. Buch. XXIV, 500 S. Hardcover
Brill Academic Publishers ISBN 9789041110602
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The International Labour Law Reports (ILLR) is a series of annual publications of labour law judgments by the highest courts in a number of jurisdictions.

ILLR is a particularly useful resource for judges, labour law practitioners, industrial relations specialists, and students who seek ready access to authoritative information of a comparative nature on problems arising in the field of labour law and industrial relations.

ILLR accompanies each reprinted judgement with Headnotes and, in practically all cases, an Annotation which sets forth, among other things, the legal issues involved, the basic facts of the case (if not included in the judgment itself), the relevant statutory provisions and judicial precedents, the labour law and industrial relations context in which the case arose, and the significance of the judgment in the development of the law.

ILLR provides the reader with factual information not coloured by the personal views of the annotators. As a rule, judgments are printed in extenso; the editors summarize or cut portions of judgments that are purely technical or only of marginal interest. ILLR also provides a list of cases both by jurisdiction and by subject matter. As a result, this work offers the reader a concise, readily-accessed statement of law.

Volume 17 covers the period 1 October 1996 to 30 September 1997.

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