A. Hurlbert

Adaptive Governance of Disaster

Drought and Flood in Rural Areas
2017. Buch. Book. Hardcover
Springer-Verlag GmbH ISBN 978-3-319-57800-2
Format (B x L): 15.9 x 24.4 cm
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This book provides a comparative analysis of policy instruments designed to respond to climate change, drought and floods in connection with agricultural producers and their communities in four case study areas: Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada; Coquimbo, Chile; and Mendoza, Argentina. Assessed from the standpoint of effectiveness and adaptive governance, instruments for improving the livelihood capitals of agricultural producers are identified and recommendations to improve the suite of policy instruments are put forward.

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Presents a unique, innovative methodology for institutional analysis of instruments impacting agricultural producers' livelihoods

Includes a comparative case study of regions experiencing drought

Offers a novel combination of climate change, drought, and flood policy framing and instrument analysis