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Teaching Software Modelling in Academia and Industry

Proceedings of the workshop "Teach UML - an interdisciplinary workshop on teaching Software Modelling with the Unified Modelling Language in Academia and Industry".
2008. Buch. 77 S. Softcover
Fraunhofer IRB ISBN 978-3-8167-7533-1
In englischer Sprache
This volume contains all papers accepted for the International Teach UML Workshop on Teaching Software Modelling with the Unified Modeling Language in Academia and Industry that was held in conjunction with the 3rd Balkan Conference in Informatics (BCI'2007) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The focus of this workshop was to initiate an exchange of ideas and experiences on best practices for teaching Software Modelling, UML and OOD in general. The workshop provided a forum to experts and practitioners for the presentation of best practices and the discussion of innovative approaches towards teaching the subject in academia and industry.
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