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Heat Flow Calorimetry on Energetic Materials

Proceedings of the 6th International Heat FIow Calorimetry Symposium on Energetic Materials. May 6 to 8, 2008, Fraunhofer ICI, Pfinztal-Berghausen, Germany.
2008. Buch. 377 S. Softcover
Fraunhofer IRB ISBN 978-3-8167-7600-0
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Heat flow calorimetry using microcalorimeters and other instruments such as DSC and ARC has proven to be a very helpful and suitable tool in assessing the thermal behaviour of energetic materials as regards their to safety, decomposition kinetics, reaction behaviour, performance, in-service time prediction and other aspects. Energetic materials comprise propellants, explosives, gas generators, pyrotechnics and energetic chemicals in industrial use. The 6th HFCS-EM held from May 6th to 8th, 2008 at Fraunhofer ICT is an international forum of experts coming from fifteen countries all over the world. This book contains all the contributions to the Symposium. Beside this printed proceedings a CD is also available covering the same content in electronic form. This may help to use the lectures more conveniently in daily work at home. But during the Symposium printed proceedings support the discussions and the uptake of the lectures.
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