Toxicological Evaluations

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As part of its programme for the prevention of health hazards caused by Industnal work substances, the Berufsgenossenschaft der chemischen Industrie (BG Chemie) began in 1977 to Investigate the toxicity of those substances which are widely used, have many different applications and are suspected of being dangerous to health, in particular those having long-term effects on health. The investigations consist of a literature search and - depending on the results - commissions of experimental studies. It is hoped by means of this testing to close gaps In our knowledge and to increase the scientific validity of the required risk assessments. The results of the toxicologi­ cal investigations carried out by BG Chemle, and the result­ ing substance assessments have been published In German since 1987 In the form of "Toxikologische Bewer­ tungen" ("Toxicological Evaluations"). In order to make this useful Information internationally available, the third volume (containing Individual evalua­ tions of 13 substances) of the senes IS now being published In English, the first volume of which was published in October 1990. Because of the short time between publish­ ing volume 1,2 and 3, printing of the "Introduction" (consist­ Ing of a general overview of the programme, lists with names of people involved as well as substances under Investigation) was abandoned In volumes 2 and 3. If more detailed information is required, see volume 1 or contact BG Chemie at first hand. The publication of further individual evaluations and, if necessary, reassessments of previously published evalua­ tions is planned.



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