Collected Courses of the Xiamen Academy of International Law

Volume 3 (2010)
2011. Buch. VIII, 544 S. Hardcover
Brill Academic Publishers ISBN 9789004192911
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The Collected Courses of the Xiamen Academy of International Law contain the Summer Courses taught at the Xiamen Academy of International Law by highly qualified international legal professionals. The Third Volume of the Series contains the following articles:

New Trends of International Law in the Era of Globalization, Stephan Hobe;
Tradition versus Harmonization in the Recent Reforms of Contract Law, Ole Lando;
Constitutional Functions and Constitutional Problems of International Economic Law in the 21st Century,
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann;
International Law: A System of Relationships, Malcolm N. Shaw, QC;
The International Law of Watercourses: New Dimensions, Patricia Wouters

The Xiamen Academy of International Law aims to promote academic exchanges among legal communities across the globe, encourage examination of major international issues and, by so doing, seek ways to improve the possibilities for world peace and international cooperation. It seeks to achieve this aim by providing the highest level of education to individuals, particularly those from Asian countries, interested in the development and use of international law – persons such as young lecturers in international law, diplomats, practitioners of transnational law, government officials in charge of foreign affairs, and officials of international organizations.
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