Frontiers in European Radiology

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2012. Buch. vi, 170 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
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The dramatic evolution of new technology in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology has changed the whole field of medicine. Ultrasonography, computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance, and digital radiography are those new techniques which are undergoing continuous development, providing us with increasingly re­ fined methods for establishing the cause of disease and for treating the patient. Using radiologic technique, ingenious methods are continuously being developed to en­ sure less expensive, less traumatic, and more efficient therapy. Transluminal angio­ plasty, embolization of tumors or bleeding vessels, extraction or dissolution of stones, and regional infusions are some of these therapeutic methods in modem diagnostic radiology. Every day new ideas arise which are published in a multitude of papers. This heavy flow of information limits the possibility of selecting from a core of information and often prevents radiologists from communicating efficiently with their colleagues in other countries or continents. European radiologists are additionally hampered from participating in international communication because of the language barriers created by the national journals. As a result, Europe's contribution to scientific progress in this interdisciplinary field has influenced only regional developments.



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