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Addictive Substances and Neurological Disease

Part I. Alcohol and Neurological Dysfunction 1. Acute Ethanol-Induced Changes in Microstructural and Metabolite Concentrations on the Brain: Noninvasive Functional Brain Imaging 2. Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Neuroglial Changes in Neurochemistry and Behavior in Animal Models 3. Alcohol on Histaminergic Neurons of Brain 4. Antenatal Alcohol and Histological Brain Disturbances 5. Alcohol Intoxication and Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Basic and Clinical Science 6. Visual and Auditory Changes After Acute Alcohol Ingestion 7. Zebrafish Models of Alcohol Addiction 8. Effect of Alcohol on the Regulation of ?-Synuclein in the Human Brain 9. Consumption of Ethanol and Tissue Changes in the Central Nervous System 10. Ethanol Consumption and Cerebellar Disorders 11. Gene Expression in CNS Regions of Genetic Rat Models of Alcohol Abuse 12. Role of TLR4 in the Ethanol-Induced Modulation of the Autophagy Pathway in the Brain 13. Ghrelinergic Signaling in Ethanol Reward 14. Alcoholic Neurological Syndromes 15. Frontal Lobe Dysfunction After Developmental Alcohol Exposure: Implications From Animal Models 16. Ethanol's Action Mechanisms in the Brain: From Lipid General Alterations to Specific Protein Receptor Binding 17. Antioxidant Vitamins and Brain Dysfunction in Alcoholics 18. Serotonin Deficiency and Alcohol Use Disorders

Part II. Addictive Substances and Behavioral Health 19. Functional Reorganization of Reward- and Habit-Related Brain Networks in Addiction 20. Ethanol: Neurotoxicity and Brain Disorders 21. Functionally Relevant Brain Alterations in Polysubstance Users: Differences to Monosubstance Users, Study Challenges, and Implications for Treatment 22. Deep Brain Stimulation: A Possible Therapeutic Technique for Treating Refractory Alcohol and Drug Addiction Behaviors

Part III. Tobacco Smoking in Neuromodulation 23. Understanding the Roles of Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Neurobiology of Nicotine Use 24. Tobacco Smoke and Nicotine: Neurotoxicity in Brain Development