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Research Group on the Existing EC Private Law (Acquis Group)

Contract III

General Provisions, Delivery of Goods, Package Travel, Payment Services, Consumer Credit and Commercial Agency Contracts
Ein Beitrag zur kontroversen Debatte über das einheitliche europäische Kaufrecht
2014. Buch. Rund 700 S. Gebunden
sellier european law publishers ISBN 978-3-86653-211-3
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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe:

The Acquis Group aims to reformulate the present patchwork of directives, regulations and judgments on EU private law as a coherent restatement, the Acquis Principles (ACQP). This allows the reader to readily identify commonalities and contradictions in the Acquis.

The Acquis Principles include:

- general rules and definitions formulated on the basis of existing EU law,
- an accompanying commentary, which outlines their foundation in the Acquis, and
- a glossary of core legal terms.

Being the third in this series, "Contract III" presents - besides a revision of the ACQP parts published in volumes 1 and 2 - numerous new rules, in particular on payment services, consumer credit and commercial agency contracts. The work is particularly aimed at enriching the current controversial debate on the way forward for a common European sales law. It is therefore absolutely indispensable for academics and civil law practitioners working in a European context.



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