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Newman / Sather / Woolgar

Pros and Cons

A Debaters Handbook
2013. Buch. xii, 292 S.: 1 s/w-Zeichnung. Softcover
CRC Press ISBN 978-0-415-82780-5
Format (B x L): 15,9 x 23,4 cm
Gewicht: 476 g
In englischer Sprache
Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook offers a unique and invaluable guide to the arguments both for and against over 140 current controversies and global issues. Since it was first published in 1896 the handbook has been regularly updated and this nineteenth edition includes new entries on topics such as the right to possess nuclear weapons, the bailing out of failing industries, the protection of indigenous languages and the torture of suspected terrorists.
Equal coverage is given to both sides of each debate in a dual column format which allows for easy comparison. Each entry also includes a list of related topics and suggestions for possible motions.
The introductory essay describes debating technique, covering the rules, structure and type of debate, and offering tips on how to become a successful speaker. The book is then divided into eight thematic sections, where specific subjects are covered individually.
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