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The Other Zions: The Lost Histories of Jewish Nations

2009. Buch. 209 S. Hardcover
Format (B x L): 16.1 x 23.4 cm
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  • Eric Maroney has written a lively and engaging account of Jewish political entities outside the Land of Israel over the past two millennia. Both the mythical narratives and the documented historical experiences discussed in this volume attest to the diverse manifestations of Jewish national sentiment among diasporic communities from ancient times to modern. -- Aviel Roshwald, Georgetown University Any reader who seeks to learn about Jewish-governed states in unexpected lands and the history of conversions to Judaism in those states would do well to savor this engaging and well-researched study. -- Kevin Alan Brook, author, The Jews of Khazaria This well-done and revealing study shows that, even after the final, futile revolt against Roman rule in Judea in the first century, A.D., Jews exercised sovereignty in several regions outside the traditional Jewish homeland... This is an informative and surprising examination of some obscure aspects of Jewish history. Booklist, January 2010 The Other Zions captures the real and the imagined power of the concept of Zion. Jewish Book World, Summer 2010 Maroney's book covers a remarkable amount of ground...He writes well, lays out evidence and arguments clearly, and appears to be a reliable guide through the thicket of anecdote, rumour and legend which enshrouds the history of many of these far-off times and places. Outlook The Other Zions challenges the dominant myth that the Zionist movement was the fulfillment of a millennia-old and singular desire of Diaspora Jews to be 'returned' to their home in the Land of Israel. Eric Maroney's work demonstrates that, from ancient times to the present, the Jews' ability to craft homelands for themselves in regions far from their imagined point of origins has been an important-if overlooked-part of their history. -- Barry Trachtenberg, University at Albany, SUNY, author of The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish

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