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Global Strategic Management

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4th ed. 2018 2017. Buch. xxxviii, 510 S.: 148 Farbabbildungen, 148 Farbtabellen, Bibliographien. Softcover
Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-1-137-58458-8
Format (B x L): 19,3 x 26 cm
In englischer Sprache
Thoroughly revised and updated, this fourth edition of Lasserre’s popular textbook is a user-friendly introduction to planning and making decisions for businesses on a global scale. It features numerous case studies and examples of established international companies and of SMEs looking to grow their international presence.

Global Strategic Management blends academic rigour and a practical approach to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding strategic management in a global environment. Written by a world-renowned professor of strategy and international business from one of the world’s leading business schools, this new edition confirms Global Strategic Management as one of the most accessible, engaging texts on the market, one which students find easy to learn from and actually enjoy reading.

This fully-updated fourth edition includes:

• New and expanded coverage of BRICs, ‘born global’ firms, Corporate Social Responsibility and the underground econo

• More on e-business and the role of the internet in global business

• A brand new video feature with business leaders explaining the practical implications and implementation of issues covered in the text

• Genuinely global in scope and approach: over 40 mini-cases and examples cover emerging economies in Africa, Latin America and the Far East as well as established firms worldwide

• Perfect balance between theory and the real world of business: numerous up-to-date examples that illustrate principles and support learning throughout

The strong pedagogical framework from the previous edition remains, including:

- Learning objectives

- Mini cases, with questions, and shorter examples

- Summary and key points

- Learning assignments

- Key words – with an end-of-book glossary

- Web resources – providing links to useful websites

- References and further reading

Please visit the companion website at
: for online resources including self-assessment questions, mini-case questions, PowerPoint presentations, and useful weblinks, as well as new video interviews with leading business people across the world.

Philippe Lasserre is Emeritus Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. He is an established authority in the field of international business and strategy, with over forty years’ experience in teaching, research and consulting in strategic management and international business. He has authored many books in these areas, and has held visiting professorships in Singapore, China, the US and Australia.
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Truly Global – Lasserre stands out as it is not UScentric, looking at the integration of a company in several countries, rather than a western company entering an international market; there is especially strong coverage of BRICs, Europe and the Far East  Author Reputation – Philippe Lasserre has an excellent international reputation, as does INSEAD, where he is Emeritus Professor of Strategy and Asian Business – lecturers and students can trust the content is written with authority  Rigour – Academically rigorous but easy to understand so suitable for a wide audience; Lasserre uses language which is accessible for ESL students  Theory v Practical Application – Perfect balance between theory and the real world of business: numerous uptodate examples, mini cases and longer cases to ensure flexible teaching options  New Content – More uptodate with increased coverage on ethics and sustainability and the environment, plus sections on Web 2.0 and social networking  Pedagogy – New end of chapter cases to reinforce global issues which focus on both multinational corporations and emerging economies  Online Resources – A new array of lecturer resources including a comprehensive lecturer manual containing guideline answers to all case study questions, teaching notes and answers to student learning assignments, as well as PowerPoint slides and a testbank: these will all facilitate teaching