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Cailletaud / Taleb / Sai

Multi-mechanism Modeling of Inelastic Material Behavior

2018. Buch. 220 S. Hardcover
Wiley ISBN 978-1-84821-580-1
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Multi-mechanism models describe the mechanical effects of metals, polymers, and geomaterials in addition to their function in developing constitutive equations. This text explains how multi-mechanism models represent monotonic and cyclic mechanical behaviors and deformation mechanisms with material parameters and internal variables. With a phenomenological focus, the book thoroughly describes the principles of plasticity, damage, creep behavior, creep plasticity interaction, and cyclic responses under proportional and non-proportional loading paths for isotropic and anisotropic materials. Various applications of the extensive experimental data qualify this book as a valued reference tool for students, material mechanics researchers, and mechanical engineers.
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