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Coherence in Spoken and Written Discourse | Bublitz / Lenk / Ventola | Buch (Cover)
Bublitz / Lenk / Ventola

Coherence in Spoken and Written Discourse

How to create it and how to describe it. Selected papers from the International Workshop on Coherence, Augsburg, 24-27 April 1997

1999. Buch. xiv, 300 S. Hardcover
John Benjamins Publishing Company ISBN 9789027250773
Format (B x L): 15,4 x 22,5 cm
Gewicht: 550 g
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Until very recently, coherence (unlike cohesion) was widely held to be a ‘rather mystical notion’. However, taking account of new trends representing a considerable shift in orientation, this volume aims at helping relieve coherence of its mystifying aura. The general bibliography which concludes the book bears witness to this intriguing development and the rapidly changing scene in coherence research. Preceding this comprehensive up-to-date
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